Saseka Nyeleti book


Saseka Nyeleti is the result of several years’ careful observation of the behavior of a female leopard – one of the most mysterious animals of the bush. It is a faithful account of the author’s emotions at the renewed discovery of this intangible-yet-deeply-felt link that connects us all to our essential roots.

Grégoire Bouguereau tells a poignant story in both words and images which has been acknowledged by the press as authentic and truly original.

« A beautiful book. It pays homage to leopards, but also to the African bush and to all its denizens. » (translation from French) Globe-trotters

« 215 vivid images. Beautiful. They will take you on a trip to the wild, into an as yet unspoilt environment. » (translation from French) Photosapiens

« Magnificent work, both for its texts and the beautiful sheen of its photos. » (translation from French) Image et nature


« For someone who has not been there, at least once, it is impossible to feel the spellbinding fascination that takes hold of you whenever you come across such simplicity and utter freedom in a natural setting.

This book is about this discovery – a discovery from which one emerges subtly changed – and an encounter.

While on a safari back in 2003, I observed a panther for a long while. I’ve returned to that same spot ever since, to re-establish the connection created with this captivating animal on that day.

Whenever I’m there, I set out at daybreak to trail her or one of the others in the hope of finding the group. And I often find I’m still with one of them until after sunset.

In those vast stretches of pristine land, I was able to witness a wide range of sometimes amazing, sometimes very touching scenes, and the day-to-day life of these leopards has now become familiar to me.

As the seasons go by, observing them mating and giving birth, as well as their interaction with each other, far removed from the hackneyed clichés about the alleged fierceness of predators, I have gradually come to love these fascinating creatures. » – GB



Viemages edition

language : french

Book published in 2007




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