Nomads of the Infinite Plain

The exhibition related to the author’s new book “Nomads of the Infinite Plain”

Affiche festival photo animaliere montier en der 2013affiche Exposition Nomades de la Plaine Infinie Galerie du Lion











International Nature Photo Festival Montier en Der 21-24 November 2013

 Video Interview – Grégoire Bouguereau

Galerie du Lion, Orléans 29 November – 5 January 2013




Wild Moments

Grégoire Bouguereau presents a selection of his snapshots as the seasons go by in chiaroscuro, portraying his most beautiful encounters with African wildlife.

Montier 2010

African Attitudes 

Grégoire Bouguereau presents a selection of images featuring the most breathtaking moments of his encounters with African wildlife, in a festival of attitudes, light and shade…


Panthers from Africa

Photos of leopards from South Africa in their natural habitat.

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