The « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » event, organized by the GDT in Germany and the BBC in England, are the two main international competitions held each year in the world of wildlife photography. Among the tens of thousands of pictures presented, a small selection of award-winning pictures is then used in a travelling exhibition presented worldwide, and also in a book published in many different countries. After Grégoire Bouguereau decided to present his work for the first time in 2009, several of his images were selected in 2010, 2011,2012 and 2013.


2013, an award-winning photo:

• Storm panic/Panic dans la bourrasque (Tanzania)



2012, two award-winning photos :

• Focusing on Thomson gazelle / Gros plan sur la gazelle du Thomson (Tanzania)

galerie test

• Seized opportunity / Mise-à-mort (Tanzania)



2011, two award-winning photos:

• Lion cubs / Lionceaux complices (Tanzania)


• Flehmening lion / Le flehmen du lion (Tanzania)



2010, an award-winning photo :

• Hyena at daybreak / Hyène au point du jour (Tanzania)





Grand Prix – International Wildlife Photo Festival of Montier-en-Der 2013