Grégoire Bouguereau

wildlife photographer


“I acquired my first camera when I was a student. The contemplative dimension of photography immediately appealed to me, and this camera became first a pretext for wandering, then a faithful travelling companion.

The open spaces of Africa, with which I was acquainted through reading and documentaries, featured large in my childhood dreams—those dreams which stay with you and resurface spontaneously, when you are given a chance to realize them, all the more forcefully for having been buried inside for so long…

So it was not completely by chance that one fine day I found myself in the wild, in Africa. The simplicity and freedom of nature have always been deeply fascinating to me. I had a sort of revelation, compounded by an encounter which was the starting point of a unique experience…

The adventure that would change the destination of my travels started in South Africa. Of all the myriad forms the spectacle of nature can take, that of a female leopard caught my attention.

Completely subjugated by this encounter, I observed the cat as often as I could, in order to have a better understanding of the daily life of one of the most secretive creatures in the bush, and this led to my attentive observation of the upbringing of three successive litters. This experience was the subject of my first book, Saseka.

When I spend a long time in the wilderness, I have the poignant impression that I belong to everything around me. The nature of what I feel when I am immersed in this way, and its emotional impact, are like nothing I have ever known elsewhere.It is impossible to be part such a powerful emotional experience without trying to understand it and, by extension, endeavouring to share that understanding. It is difficult to reach this goal without yielding to the necessity of going deep into the subject, and over a long period of time.

Now when I take on a project I call on the collaboration of research teams or conservation programmes, and these projects have as much to do with ethology as with photography.” – GB

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